Clothing Norm And Attires of The Ottoman Ilmiye Class Symposium / 2-4 December 2022 İstanbul

The general framework of the symposium also constitutes its borders. The period covered by the symposium is the period between the beginning of the Ottoman State and the establishment of the Republic of Turkey. De jure and de facto lines constitute the boundaries of space outside of time. De jure borders constitute the geographical endpoints that the Ottoman State reached legally and de facto borders, while de facto borders constitute the states, institutions and traditions that are contacted, affected and affected. The material and moral boundaries, which are evident in some places and vague in others, contribute to the acquisition of the intellectual framework, and this unique situation encourages interdisciplinary studies. It is recommended that the transitive methods in time and space will enable different meanings to be attributed to the issues, as well as become effective tools in the evaluation of abstract facts and concrete institutions. Due to the reasons stated above, it is proposed to handle the studies in a multi-layered, multi-related and multi-disciplinary manner within a defined time, place, and intellectual framework.