TÜBA, as the national academy of sciences of Türkiye and a member of the community of international scientific institutions, maintains bilateral relations with academies of sciences and multilateral relations with international academy organizations. 

These international relations are facilitated by framework agreements which specify the basic elements of scientific co-operation with respective science academies and implementation protocols under which the agreements are executed. In the initial stage of bilateral relations, co-operation is ensured by a memorandum of understanding signed by the academies in question. “Bilateral Exchange Program” between TÜBA and the respective academies are implemented on the basis of those agreements.

Bilateral Exchange Program
TÜBA’s Bilateral Exchange Programs is established through formal reciprocal agreements with the respective academies. Qualifying scientists from the agreement academies/countries conduct scientific visits the content of which is determined according to agreement between TÜBA and respective academy.

Aim of the Program
TÜBA hopes to foster the mutual exchange of scientific knowledge and experiences among scientists and development of ideas for future projects. Interested applicants may use the following links for further information about “Bilateral Exchange Programs”.