Open Course Materials project, which was initiated by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 2000, aims to open the course materials of the courses given in higher education institutions on the internet. The initiative, which was adopted by the higher education institution of many countries over time, has become international under the name of the Open Courseware Consortium (, which currently comprises about 200 institutions from 19 countries. Apart from the consortium, many universities also provide open access to the course materials.

Open Course Materials enrich students' resources related to the course. At the same time, Open Course Materials offers faculty members the opportunity to compare the contents of the courses they teach with similar courses, to benefit from them and to improve them. In addition, Open Course Materials that can be used by everyone who wants to improve themselves constitute an important resource for lifelong learning.

National Open Course Materials Consortium (UADMK) was established with the signing of the consortium protocol and composing the Board of Directors at the General Assembly Meeting on May 25, 2007, where 45 universities were represented with the initiative of Turkish Academy of Sciences. National Open Course Materials Consortium held its 2nd General Assembly on May 22, 2009. The General Assembly decided to continue the Open Course Materials Project under the leadership of TÜBA. In the context of the project supported by the Ministry of Development between 2010 and 2011, a total of 80 courses have been prepared in the field of Basic Sciences and Social Sciences and these courses have been started to be accessible to everyone via

Open Course Materials Program is one of the important steps of TÜBA's Science Society Project. With this program, students are offered a qualified course material. In addition, introducing contemporary course examples with the lecturers and producing samples and presenting them to public are the other goals of the program.

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