The project, which was thoroughly examined during the meetings of the TÜBA Academy Council in October and November 2022, was authorized by Council decision number 342 dated 26 November 2022. Within the framework of this project, which is under the auspices of TÜBA, scientific data assistance will be provided for the activities, reports, and publications to be published on the required theme issues in the research areas of TÜBA's specialized working groups.  The qualitative and quantitative data will be compilated on the specifics of our scientific human capital, which will be required for the new updated versions of TÜBA's Science Reports.

The ultimate goal of the project is to create an inventory/database of qualified scientists belonging to different disciplines in the 100th year of our Republic with the expert project and software team. The analyses to be made thanks to the database to be created constitute the second step of the project. In this context, it will be determined in which strategic areas our country needs trained/qualified scientists and researchers and reports will be prepared by conducting workshops with relevant organisations. As a result of the project, it is expected to determine a policy/road map for the training of humanpower related to the strategic areas of our country. In addition, it will be ensured that our qualified manpower potential is utilised effectively and with full benefit.

As the original value of the project, it is aimed to identify the productive researchers of our country in order to reduce the competition in the quality of scientific publications. In this way, it will be possible to compare performance indicators according to scientific disciplines, as well as to reveal the differences between disciplines.

In the preliminary preparatory work of the project, approximately nine hundred thousand scientific publication data were analysed to be used in the project analyses to be conducted on the national and international scientific publication documents of our researchers with Turkish addresses.

At this point

  1. The most productive scientists, the most productive institutions and the most productive units (departments, divisions, etc.) will be identified at the Scientific Productivity Point.
  2. In the Most Productive Research Groups/Teams Point, collaborations between scientists, collaborations between authors and collaborations between institutions will be mapped.
  3. At the point of Inter-Unit Collaborations, collaborations between research groups and teams, research focusses, the creation of prediction reports for the subject areas that will gain importance and the creation of prediction reports for the subject areas that will lose their importance will be revealed.

Within the scope of the TÜBA-sponsored project, a data-driven intellectual property inventory of our country will be compiled and implemented in the centenary year of the Republic of Türkiye.