TÜBA has initiated the Turkish - Islamic Scientific and Cultural Heritage Project (TİBKM) with responsibility of being the national science academy of Türkiye and giving importance to our scientific and cultural heritage in accordance with its establishment law including the aims of ensuring the dissemination of scientific approach and thought in society; ensuring the appreciation and acceptance of the importance of science to the public; and directing young people to science and research.

TİBKM Project aims to save the classical works of Turkish-Islamic scientific and cultural heritage and to provide them to the future generations with the help of science and culture by freeing them from idle situations in the libraries through the transcription, transliteration, translation into Turkish of today. For this purpose, the new generations recognize the important values of the past, the Turkish scientists and give them the value they deserve. This project also contributes to the reminding the importance of the Turks in the history of thought and culture, and bringing these works in Arabic, Persian and different Turkish dialects, which are of great importance in Turkish thought history, to the 21st century readers. It is considered that the project has a historical importance both with the support and encouragement for scientific studies and providing to the self-confidence and motivation needed for the scientific development of our country.

The project is open to the applications of all scientists/academics who can make the transliteration, translation and preparation for publication of the Turkish-Islamic classic works that are written in different languages such as Arabic and Persian and in different Turkish dialects. The issues such as the works to be published, the nature and scope of the publication are evaluated by the Project Publication/Executive Board.

Applications will be accepted as proposals and necessary notifications and transactions will be performed following the evaluation and acceptance of tenders.

For application: If there is a translation / transliteration sample from your work (1-2 pages from the original text and the translation/transliteration of these pages) and the Work Proposal Form, it must be filled in completely and sent to the address bilimklasikleri@tuba.gov.tr with your CV.

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