The formation and duties of the General Assembly are set out in Articles 572 and 573 of the Presidential Decree No. 4.

Article 572- (1) The General Assembly of the Academy is composed of the principal, associate, and honorary members. The place and agenda of meetings are determined by the Academy Council and announced. The General Assembly shall convene with the absolute majority of the total number of members. Foreign honor members are not counted in the meeting and decision conditions and cannot vote.

Duties of the General Assembly
Article 573- (1) 
a) To discuss and approve proposals for strategies and policies and budget proposals prepared by the Academy Council.
b) to decide on the election proposals of the Council for the membership of the Academy.
c) to appoint new members on the basis of majority for Academy Council for members whose terms have expired.
ç) To decide the proposals of the Academy Council on the establishment or abolition of institutes in the field of basic sciences.