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National IT Security After the Pandemic

From 2020 onwards, ongoing pandemic of COVID-19 has been affecting our social and business lives by causing radical changes. Many companies have been planning and implementing effective and rapid actions in many areas including digital transformation and cloud computing security within the scope of remote working in order to prevent their employees from being affected by the virus during the pandemic and to survive from the pandemic with the least possible damage. Meanwhile, risks related to information technologies continue to evolve and progress along with the efforts conducted to adapt to changing requirements based on remote working and improve the existing infrastructure by taking security and business continuity into account.

Management of cyber security risks and taking appropriate actions in a timely and effective manner during the pandemic are at the top of current agendas of the companies. Current situation of national cyber security after the pandemic has been analysed within the scope of this article together with the security precautions based on changing conditions and studies conducted in accordance with digital transformation processes.

Tolga Mataracıoğlu, Kerim Can Kalıpcıoğlu, Süleyman Muhammed Arıkan, Gökhan Işık, Yasemin Demiral, Derya Cincioğlu, Prof. Hacı Ali Mantar
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2020.065