The Anatomy of The Global out Break: The Future of Human And Society

Interpretation of Global Pandemic from Belief Values and its Effects on Religious Life

The global pandemic in the world in 2020 has been studied in many ways. It is also necessary to talk about the dimension that concerns religion in understanding and making sense of it. Because religion is a reality embedded in the soul of man. Researches in history of religions revealed that there was no community without religion, and the meaning of death and the need for asylum in the face of calamities were among the reasons lead people to believing or strengthening the relationship with religion.

The Quran states that calamities have two reasons. First, Allah’s test of His servants’ patience and to pray to Him; the second one is the punishment for that they insist on their injustice. Essentially, these findings are also found in other Scriptures. It is an issue to consider which of the corona virus is included in.

The process of global pandemic has transformed the activities of people in the physical environment to the digital environment and turned it into an opportunity. Religious activities in this area and the relationship between relatives expressed in the religious literature by the concept of “family ties” are the new tool discovered. It has showed the necessity of human solidarity due to the spread of coronavirus to the whole world in a very short time. In this respect, it has been observed that the world order needs to be revised. A new period has started in domestic socialization and family relations with returning home of the crazy human who cannot fit in the World. This may be the beginning of an opportunity for rediscovering the family.

Prof. Saffet Köse
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2020.062