The Anatomy of The Global out Break: The Future of Human And Society

Consumption and Spending Practices in the New Normal Period

In addition to the health problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the business processes of all small-medium-large enterprises and institutions in the global economy and certainly the lives of people/consumers have also deeply changed. We are going through a period when many things that were not in our daily life in the past will be a part of a “new normal” life. Therefore, in order to understand changing consumers and their behaviors, it is necessary to benefit from the marketing discipline, which deals with the facts andperceptions that play a role in shaping people’s realities. The new normal will have short, medium and long-term reflections in consumer behavior. In this study, the new behavior patterns of consumers and businesses affected by the pandemic and their reflections in “new normal” period have been evaluated. In particular, consumption and spending patterns of consumers in the cur- rent market conditions, and whether the new normal indicates a revolutionary transformation for the actors in the market or not have been discussed. In addition, how the consumption practices are shaped within the socioeconomic status groups have also been discussed with a particular reflection on con- sumption and spending practices in the context of consumer, business and leg- islators; and some predictions, estimates and inferences have been revealed

Prof. Bayram Zafer Erdoğan
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2020.046