Reflections on the Pandemic in the Future of the World

R&D and Innovation Approaches in the Postpandemic Period

The transformation that is being realized in R&D and innovation processes, including co-creation and systemic challenge driven innovation, has become an imperative during the pandemic. In this chapter, the main features of the transformation in R&D and innovation processes are first put forth and its importance in the combat against the pandemic is evaluated. Afterwards, the novelties of the science and technology-based process in our country to combat COVID-19 are discussed under three main headings. In this context, the coordination of the ecosystem based on a co-creation approach with a focus on succeeding together foremost in vaccine, drug and diagnostic solutions under the COVID-19 Turkey Platform are set forth. Rapid calls that enable ecosystem actors to actively take part in the fight against COVID-19, thereby strengthening the mobilization, are reviewed based on new opportunities for SMEs, young researchers, the social sciences and humanities as well as support for entrepreneurs. In the race against time, developments for accelerating R&D and innovation processes as well as increasing the scientific communication environment are put forth based on an online portal and virtual conferences. In the new normal order, the guiding aspects of these experiences are discussed, especially where tackling common challenges will continue into the future in biosecurity, cyber security along with broadband infrastructure and food supply security. As one of the most essential components of the social system, the R&D and innovation system has undergone a multi-faceted experience due to the pandemic, which will elevate co-development solutions to a new dimension in the post-pandemic era.

Prof. Hasan Mandal
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2020.081