The Fulbright Scholarship from the Fulbright Education Commission of Türkiye

The Türkiye-United States of America Cultural Exchange Commission, known as the Fulbright Education Commission of Türkiye, supports cultural exchange programs between Turkish and American university students, graduates, researchers and scientists. The Fulbright Program started in 1946 with a law that was established by the American Senate upon the recommendation of Senator J. William Fulbright. The budget for the program is provided with contributions from the governments of both countries.

The Fulbright Education Commission of Türkiye gives scholarships in different fields and categories to American academicians for them to work with colleagues in Türkiye.

One of the scholarships offered by the commission is a research scholarship (Senior Researcher) with which a project can be worked on from 4,5to 9 months with Turkish colleagues in a university or other institution. The expenses of the academician who applies for a Fulbright scholarship and is accepted to do research in a university or institute in Türkiye, is covered with the scholarship by the Commission throughout the term they are in Türkiye. The amount of the scholarship includes a roundtrip airline ticket, accommodations and living expenses and a portion of the expenses for the research.
American academicians who wish to come to Türkiye on the scholarships that are provided by the Fulbright Education Commission of Türkiye must apply for the scholarship in the United States. More details about the scholarship and the application system can be accessed at For questions about the Commission’s scholarship programs for American  academicians the American Programs Department can be contacted at