Ancient Woodlands and Trees: A Guide for Landscape Planners and Forest Managers

Tanneries and Treescapes: the Inflfluence of the Tanning Industry on Woodland Management

The relationship between supply and demand for wood, timber and bark in different markets, geographical areas, and times is complex, but there are common themes. These relationships have influenced the form, structure and management of woodlands; and their legacies can be seen today. Using examples from the UK and the USA, these common themes are considered and some complexities arising from responses to local economic conditions highlighted. Bark is sometimes described as a waste by-product of other wood and timber industries. However, it is clear that with the high economic value of the tanning industry as a whole, and the central role of leather goods in society for centuries, the impact on woodlands to ensure a ready supply of tree-bark for tanning varied but could be immense.

Christine Handley, Ian D. Rotherham
DOI: 10.53478/TUBA.2018.016