Nomination Process for 2020 TÜBA Academy Prizes Started

Nomination Process for 2020 TÜBA Academy Prizes Started

The process of nominating candidates for the International TÜBA Academy Prizes, which was initiated by TÜBA within the scope of the mission of encouraging and appreciating scientists, will last until May 29, 2020.

TÜBA President Prof. Muzaffer Şeker said his statement on the subject: “TÜBA Academy Prizes, was launched in 2015 with the scope of TÜBA’s mission to reward the scientific achievements and to develop Turkey’s international scientific relations. The TÜBA Prizes were taken under the auspices of the Presidency in the same year. We hold the ceremony of our award programs, which we conduct with great care, at the Presidential Complex every year. The outstanding works of scientists nominated by TÜBA members, university rectors, world scientific academies, international academic institutions and other persons & institutions invited by TÜBA are evaluated without compromising merit. The awards are given to the scientists, with original, leading and path-breaking works in their fields, by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The international feature of Academy Prizes is one of the points we care very much about. Every year one of the prizes is awarded to scientists with Turkish connection, meaning those who work in Turkey and/or study Turkey. This prize will be awarded in the “Science and Engineering Sciences” category in 2020.”

TÜBA International Academy Prizes are given in three categories: (1) Social and Humanities, (2) Health and Life Sciences, and (3) Science and Engineering Sciences. As a result of the evaluations of the referee committee, no awards were given in the field of Health and Life Sciences in this year. The scientists who were awarded by TÜBA Academy Council after national and international referee evaluations and TÜBA Academy Council.

In the Social and Humanities category; 2019 TÜBA International Prize was presented to McGill University Faculty Member Prof. F. Jamil Ragep for his works that broadened the time and space horizons of the history of Islamic science, and especially for his researches on the ways in which Nasiruddin Tûsî, İbn Şâtır and Ali Kuşcu's astronomy studies were transferred to Europe in the pre-modern period and showed the effects of the emergence of Copernican astronomy.

In the category of Basic and Engineering Sciences; 2019 TÜBA International Prize was presented to Duke University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Adrian Bejan for his remarkable number of creative works such as combining thermodynamics and heat transfer in the field of thermodynamics, developing design as a science that brings together all fields, and putting forth “Structural Theory”.

The nominees are evaluated by a Prize Committee in each category. The Committees, composed of TÜBA members and renowned scientists, examine the works of the candidates via a rigorous process involving peer-review and identify the possible prize laureates. The laureates are announced by the Academy Council of TÜBA. The Academy Prizes, comprising an Academy Medal and prize money of USD 30.000 for each, are awarded in a special ceremony under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Turkey.

Nominations are made by TÜBA members, academies and inter-academy organizations with which TÜBA is in cooperation and other science institutions and scientists invited as nominators. Members of TÜBA and those who take part in the evaluation process of the prizes cannot be nominated.

Nominations can be sent by e-mail to and/or by post to Piyade Sokak No: 27 06690 Çankaya – Ankara, Turkey.

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