S-20 Final Meeting Held

S-20 Final Meeting Held

As a part of G-20 Leaders Summit, S-20 Final Meeting was held on 26 September using the video conference.

The meeting was started with the opening speeches of Prof. Anas Al Faris, S-20 Chairman and Prof. Dr. Tony Chan, President of the S-20 Organization and President of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and many ministers. In the ongoing session, Prof. Dr. Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate talked about "Future of Health". Dr. Naoko Ishii General Manager of Global Environment Facility General Manager held his speech about "Circular Economy". Mr Houlin Zhao, General Secretary of the International Telecommunication Union talked about "Digital Revolution". Last speech titled "Foresight" held by Prof. Dr. Munther Dahleh, Director of Institute for Data Systems and Society.

Prof. Dr Muzaffer Şeker reported "As scientists, we must act with the awareness of guiding humanity".
Prof. Dr Muzaffer Şeker talked at the third session with participation of representatives of academies from 22 countries participated. He said:

“We are going through extraordinary times in all over the world. We hope that you are keeping well in these unsettled times. Producing a common text/declaration in this process is very difficult. I express my gratitude to the Saudi Arabian team.

The topics chosen for the S-20 this year had important content regarding the future of our world. I consider the emphasis on common values of humanity, moral principles, and common interest of the world important in this context. Consideration of these issues by all leaders have importance for a livable and sustainable world.

As TÜBA, addition to our previous working groups, we have established two new working groups titled as “Information Technologies and Communication; Sustainable Environment and Finance” with the parallel aims of S-20. These working groups have plans for scientific meetings and publications in the following days.

The current level of development of our world is the common heritage of all humanity. Scientific collaborations are needed for a bright future. Sharing knowledge and experience is necessary to achieve the common ideal of humanity. Fighting future epidemics effectively, using resources efficiently, reaching a sustainable environment, and reaching inclusive health services to everyone can be possible with a value-based approach.

I would like to express my gratitude to healthcare professionals who are showing outstanding efforts all over the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also glad to determination of theme as “Social Sciences” for 2021 by Italy.”

The final session of the final meeting ended with Saudi Arabia's handover to Italy, which will host the next S20 meeting.