Fikri Işık, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, visited TÜBA

Fikri Işık, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, visited TÜBA

Fikri Işık, Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, visited TÜBA. Mr. Işık, who met the Members of the Academical Council during the visit which Prof.Dr. Ersan Aslan, the undersecretary of ministry was also ready, compared notes with Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevat Acar, the president of TÜBA and the Members of the Council about various subjects from science to education, from the projects of TÜBA to its plans. 

Council members Prof. Dr. Meral Beksaç, Prof. Dr. Adil Denizli, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Gül, Prof. Dr. Aydın Gülan, Prof. Dr. Hasan Fahrettin Keleştemur, Prof. Dr. Hasan Tayfun Özçelik, Prof. Dr. Saim Özkar, Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Sarıoğlu, Prof. Dr. Muzaffer Şeker and Prof. Dr. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev expressed their views and proposals about science, research, education and innovativeness from the point of TÜBA, after the opening speech of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevat Acar, the president of the academy. 

Minister Fikri Işık, who listened the views of all members and took notes about them carefully, expressed these views, in his speech which he started mentioning his thanks and pleasure because of the visit: 

“I think that four topics are important, beginning from the primary school; the first of them is to make our children love science, the second is the education of values, the third is the spirit of entrepreneurship and the fourth is the consciousness of efficiency. In this respect, topics such as science education, transfer of the values belonging to our science and culture history to the young generations, science centers and improvement of the syllabus are very important. I think that TÜBA will make significant contributions about these topics.".

Mr. Işık, who stated that the division of labour, collaboration and coordination between the Ministry and the institutions about science and education should be reviewed, said that the potential of TÜBA, which embodies the exclusive scientists, and of its members, and their activities about science and education were important for them and they would consider those proposals. 

Minister Işık, who remarked that TÜBA needed a straighthead law conforming to the realities of Turkey and the World and a suitable building and they would provide the necessary support about that topic, said that they wanted to organize thematic meetings with TÜBA members and to learn about the views of all of the members. 


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