The Institute for Money, Technology & Financial Inclusion at the University of Califomia,Irvine is soliciting proposals for original scholarly research on the use of money as a means ofsaving, storing, and transferring value for those who liye on less than $lUSD/day.
For this call, IMTFI is most keenly interested in the following broad topics:
• What is it really like to live in a cash-only world? To live in a world where newtechnological innovations are changing people's habits and ideas around money?
• How do technological infrastructures interact with social infrastructures whencashless options are introduced into cash-only worlds?
• How do physical and electronic media of exchange work together in people'severyday lives?
• What is the role of gender, rank or status, economic class, occupation, age, physicalcapacity or geography in people's payment choices?
• What is happening to "informal" and/or potentially fraudulent practices as mobileand electronic payments interface with cash payments or other accountingpractices?
• How do emerging domestic and intermıtional value transfer and remittance technologies affect livelihoods, investment, spending, and migration?
• Intervention of policyand design
For proposal details and guidelines, please go to:  Poster is also available for download at our call for proposals webpage.

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