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TÜBA-Stem Cell and Embryo Practices Education Symposium was Held
Tarih: 18 NİSAN 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 4980

TÜBA- Stem Cell and Embryo Practices Education Symposium organized by TÜBA-Stem Cell Working Group and hosted by Konya Necmettin Erbakan University (NEU) was held on April 8, 2017, at the Konya Dedeman Hotel, Konya.

The target group consisting of religious scientists, medical jurists, and medical ethics experts was given education on "basic concepts about stem cells, embryos, regenerative applications and new approaches to stem cell applications."

Symposium was started with the opening speeches of TÜBA Council Member and TÜBA-Stem Cell Working Group Co-executive Prof. Taner Demirer, TÜBA Council Member and NEU President Prof. Muzaffer Şeker and TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar.

“Turkey needs interdisciplinary works.”
Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar said that symposium is important to maintain contact with scientific stakeholders who are in need of cooperation in a rapidly developing area such as, stem cell and embryo applications. “We have realized this meeting upon request from religious scientists. Stem cell and embryo applications are confronted not only with the scientific side but also with moral and religious dimensions. I can say clearly that we need interdisciplinary works. As TÜBA, we are trying to fulfill our duties with the responsibility of being Turkey's national science academy within the framework of the opportunities given to us.”, Prof. Acar said.

Emphasizing that everyone has some tasks for scientific and overall development of Turkey, Prof. Acar continued his words: “It seems increasingly clear that scientific development is vital in overall development. I believe that the responsibility for institutions, organizations, and individuals related to R & D or innovation is enormous. If Turkey does not become an innovative country, it will not be able to survive in this warfare environment for itself, or it will remain a dream to gain competitive advantage. In this respect, the task of our scientists in all our fields of science is crucial.”

Prof. Muzaffer Şeker stated that Turkey did not open doors to multidisciplinary perspectives. “This view contributes to creating synergy and synergy among science disciplines. In this sense, in this symposium, it is aimed to realize mutual information, both for the medical community, the Islamic jurists and the medical jurists, to co-operate.”

“The stem cell can bring together unexpected disciplines.”
Expressing that the topic of stem cells and embryos has been a subject of much talk over the last 25 years, at the world of science, the world of politics, governments and theologians, Prof. Taner Demirer said that TÜBA-Stem Cell Working Group decided to organize an education symposium on the returns from religious scientists organized by TÜBA and invited to different workshops. “20-30 years ago, if it was suggested that religious scientists needed to be informed about stem cells, many people found the connection between the stem cells and religious scientists unnecessary. The stem cell is now able to bring together unexpected disciplines. The stem cells maybe going to be very active in the process of 20-30 years at treatment of diseases such as cancer, liver problems, dental problems, Alzheimer and plastic surgery.

After three sessions at the symposium, a three-hour interactive panel led the Prof. Alp Can, Prof. Mustafa Çetin, Prof. Taner Demirer, Prof. Erdal Karaöz, Prof. Fikrettin Şahin, Prof. Muzaffer Şeker and Prof. Zekeriya Tosun to answer the attendees' questions.


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