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TÜBA Presidential Statement Regarding the Terrorist Attack
Tarih: 15 ARALIK 2016  Okunma Sayısı: 916

TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar has made a statement about the terrorist attack on December, 10.

“We condemn open-secret and direct-indirect supporters of the traitorous terrorist attacks in İstanbul caused the martyrdom of 30 police officers and eight citizens and all terrorist acts that target the unity, peace, and survival of Turkish nation and state and the existence and presence of mankind. We wish from Allah for this and the other terrorist attacks mercy to all our martyrs who give their life For the values and survival of our country, our nation, and our state, healing to all injured citizens and condolence and patient to our nation.

Those that lived in recent years clearly reveal that contrary to what is presented and believed that terrorism does not differ according to ideology, religion, nationality and used for the same purposes by individual outbreaks of differentiated terrorist organizations as useful tools like “balkanization” and “war of attorneys” against to mainly Islamic world, our region, and Turkey. It is also seen that inhumane these wars are supported / carried out at the national and global level, in particular through psychological war and perception operations carried out through media, economic and other asymmetric methods of warfare.

In this process, unfortunately the nonconforming attitudes and approaches of humanity, law, morality, mind and mercy of some people, organizations, states and associations at national and especially internationally level to terrorism from the aspects of struggle at the global scale with terror and unlawful and world peace are exemplary cases go down in history as shameful.

As TÜBA, we condemn every type of terrorism, the perpetrators and organizers, the open-secret and direct-indirect supporters. We wish mercy from Allah to all martyrs, healing to our veterans, condolence, and patience to the holy nation. We respectfully declare that terrorism will never be seen as justifiable and legitimate, the fighting against terror should be continued in the most efficient manner in law, all national people, organizations and components of our country should act responsibly towards the protection and development of our minimum mutual and our unity for the unity, peace, and survival of Turkey and We as Academy will always act in the direction of unity, development, peace and survival of our country, our nation and our state.”

TÜBA Presidency.

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