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TÜBA-Microbiota and Human Health Symposium
Tarih: 20 MART 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 5105

TÜBA-Microbiota and Human Health Symposium organized by TÜBA-Food and Nutrition Working Group will be held on April 10, 2017 at the Green Park Hotel, Ankara.

Underlining that microbiota has gained importance in medicine in the last ten years, TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar said in his statement on the subject that: “The studies have shown that intestinal microbiota is impaired in many diseases and this situation is closely related to diseases. This issue is a new and important area for Turkey and awareness about the issue is rather low in Turkey. It is important to discuss this issue among scientists and determine what can be done in order not to lag behind the developments in the world and to raise awareness of the subject. Also, the developing treatment facilities about microbiota are also crucial regarding community health. The use of antibiotics, cesarean birth and malnutrition harm the intestinal microbiota, and all of this poses a potential threat to the increase of new diseases in our country. In this respect, this subject will be taken in all its aspects with "TÜBA-Microbiota and Human Health Symposium".”

Mentioning that the symposium will be realized with the participation of related scientists and experts from academia and health world, Prof. Acar said that scientific meetings and reporting activities on important new and priority issues for Turkey will continue in the context of TÜBA's science-based guidance function.

The importance of the microbiota is great.
TÜBA-Food and Nutrition Group leader and TÜBA Principal Member Prof. Kazım Şahin stated that disruption in microbiota plays an important role especially in the formation of chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Prof. Şahin explained that microbiota analysis methods which cannot be realized at sufficient level in Turkey will be put on the table at the symposium.

Emphasizing that the presentations and discussions on the importance of microbiota for early life and the relationship of microbiota with nutrition, dietary and food additives, aging, long life, cancer, and diabetes will be held at the symposium, Prof. Şahin informed that the report prepared at the end of the symposium will be delivered to all stakeholders and interested parties.

Virtual organ microbiota
TÜBA-Food and Nutrition Group Member Prof. Tarkan Karakan said that approximately 2 kilograms of human body weight consist of a collection of trillions of microorganisms living in the intestines. “The cells of the human body consist of one in ten cells, nine in ten bacteria. Virtual organ term is used for the microbiota in recent years.”, Prof. Karakan said.

For the program of Microbiota and Human Health Symposium:

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