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TÜBA-Microbiota and Human Health Symposium was Held
Tarih: 18 NİSAN 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 5812

TÜBA-Microbiota and Human Health Symposium organized by TÜBA-Food and Nutrition Working Group was held on April 10, 2017 at the Green Park Hotel, Ankara. The Symposium stated with opening speeches of TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar, TÜBA Council Member and Turkish Health Institutes (TÜSEB) President Prof. Fahrettin Keleştemur, TÜBA Principal Member and TÜBA-Food Nutrition Working Group Executive Prof. Kazım Şahin.

Expressing that TÜBA-Food Nutrition Working Group find appropriate to hold a meeting because microbiota is an important and developing area, Prof. Acar said that Turkey has made very serious progress in terms of health and health care delivery. He added: “Now, especially when we look at the health dimension of our social security system, Turkey's situation is a very good point. Again, we can say that there is a clear gap between our potential and our performance, especially when we look at scientific research related to health.”

Indicating that TÜSEB has to be supported much more and more active and the public administration has put an important responsibility on this issue, Prof. Acar stressed that the situation of research and application centers of medical faculties at state universities is one of the topics that are often coming to the fore in the recent period. “The suggestion that all the hospitals in Turkey are gathered under a single roof and attached to the Ministry of Health is on the agenda at times. I would like to state that in order to conduct health services in Turkey, foundation universities also have very valuable work and as a consequence of the nature of health and being a social state, the medical faculties of state universities and state hospitals have a special precaution and the characteristics of these institutions should be preserved and developed. University hospitals need to be supported with special consideration in terms of high-level research-based health service delivery and health information production.” Prof. Acar said.

Saying that all interested stakeholders were invited to the TÜBA meetings, Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar added that the emergence of different opinions from different fields or expressing these opinions in the same environment reveals more effective results. Prof. Acar stated that the works of the TÜBA will continue to involve all stakeholders involved in the process to contribute to the overall scientific development of Turkey.

There were 300 participants in the symposium, five sessions were held
Following the opening speeches, the first session of the symposium was presided by TÜBA Council Member and TÜSEB President Prof. Fahrettin Keleştemur and Prof. İrfan Erol from Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. TÜBA-Food Nutrition Working Group Member Prof. Tarkan Karakan with his presentation “Intestinal Microbiota: General Concepts, Definitions and Methods of Analysis”, Prof. Ener Çağrı Dinleyici with his presentation “Breast Milk and the Formation of Microbiota in the Early Stage of Life” took part in the session.

In the symposium, there were 5 sessions in total. After each session, participants were asked questions and at the same time contributed to the topic titles. At the end of the symposium also a general evaluation presentation was made by the Prof. Kazım Şahin and Prof. Tarkan Karakan.


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