TİBKM Kapsamında Üç Eser Daha TÜBA Tarafından Yayımlandı TÜBA-GEBİP Üyelerinden Önemli Buluş TÜBA’dan “Bilim ve Eğitim-Öğretim Dili Türkçe” Başlıklı Konferans ve Panel Andreas Tietze’nin “Tarihi ve Etmolojik Türkiye Türkçesi Lugati”nin Dört Cildi TÜBA Tarafından Yayımlandı TÜBA Üyelerine “TÜBİTAK 2017 Yılı Bilim ve Teşvik Ödülleri” TÜBA “TDUBAB -Uluslararası Hukuk, Diplomasi ve İş Birliği” Yaz Okulu Gerçekleştirildi TÜBA Başkanlığı 15 Temmuz Mesajı TÜBA “TDUBAB-Uluslararası Hukuk, Diplomasi ve İş Birliği” Yaz Okulu Düzenliyor TÜBA Uluslararası Akademi Ödülleri 2017 Aday Gösterme Süreci Devam Ediyor SETA’dan TÜBA Başkanı Prof. Acar’a Ziyaret
TÜBA-Energy Working Group Established
Tarih: 15 MART 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 2623

In addition to working groups such as "Science Education, Stem Cells, Cancer, Food and Nutrition, Science and Education Policies" of TÜBA within the scope of Academy Council decision, "TÜBA-Energy Working Group" was established under the management of Prof. İbrahim Dinçer.

TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar spoke as follows: “TÜBA working groups are engaged in important, prior and current issues in the framework of Academy's science-based counseling and guidance function. "Energy" is a matter of strategic importance for our country. The Energy Working Group will hold scientific meetings and publications with the participation and involvement of relevant stakeholders on this important topic. Our members' wishes and willingness to create this Working Group also increased our satisfaction and motivation. I believe that the TÜBA-Energy Working Group will make important contributions to the potential and performance of Turkey in terms of energy.”

TÜBA President Prof. Acar: "There is a need for works on energy."
Prof. Acar voiced Turkey's intention to develop strategic plans and policies with energy, scientific, technological and innovative approaches and to create energy solutions that the country needs. Prof. Acar also stated that, as Academy, they aim to make science-based assessments, evaluations and suggestions with the participation of all relevant stakeholders and contribute by sharing them with the relevant actors.

Prof. Acar stated that it is also important that the Energy Working Group of TÜBA, the national academy of Turkey, and its activities provide a platform for developing communication and cooperation between competent scientists, experts and managers on the subject. Prof. Acar said that it will contribute to the synergy and innovative-effective solutions to the cooperation we need.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Dinçer: "The Energy Working Group will open a new era with the approach of transforming information into technological products and will solve the energy problem of the country.”
TÜBA Energy Working Group manager Prof. Dinçer said: "In Turkey, studies, projects and programs have been established in almost every field, from fossil energy sources to renewable energy sources. But the desired success levels did not get caught, or the implementation of the studies was interrupted. TÜBA Energy Working Group will provide important contributions to the transformation of information into technological products by using the triangle of success, research-innovation-commercialization, achieved by developed countries in its own way and to produce solutions to the country's energy problem.

Prof. İbrahim Dinçer said that “clean coal technologies, renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, alternative fuels, energy storage" are some of the priority issues for this topic. The first steps have been taken by creating a core team from the scientists who have come out in the energy field both in TÜBA and out TÜBA, and the group will be able to expand according to their needs.”

For Members of Energy Working Group:
TÜBA Energy Working Group was founded in February 2017.

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