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‘The Beçin Treasure’ is Published
Tarih: 17 ŞUBAT 2016  Okunma Sayısı: 6479

TÜBA President Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevat Acar told that the Beçin Treasure was the biggest coin findings in the scientific archaeological excavations in Turkey, and the greatest Ottoman treasure in the world. ‘The Beçin Treasure’ book was published in German by the Austrian Academy of Sciences and it was published by TÜBA in Turkish consisting of 2 volume books and an index CD.

Acar reminded that the treasure consisting of the coins belonging to the Ottoman, Islamic and European states were found in Beçin Castle in Muğla in 2000 and that some of these coins were in blocks adhered to each other as a result of a fire.

Prof. Dr. Acar told that, within the framework of the mutual partnership signed between TÜBA and the Austrian Academy of Sciences in 2001, a research team was set up from experts from several institutions such as the Austrian Academy of Sciences Department of Ancient Culture History and Numismatics Commission, Ege University Department of Art History, the Austrian Archaeology Institute, Vienna Art History Museum, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBITAK), Vienna Fine Arts Academy and the cleaning, conversation, licensing and classification studies were launched under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Acar drew attention to the fact that research on the coins belonging to several countries such as Austria, Mexico, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, England, Russia and Poland revealed out new data, and new information about the Ottoman-European economic relations until the beginning of 16th-17th centuries and the history of money is acquired. Prof. Dr. Acar emphasized that; besides the numismatic (science discipline studying metal money, coins and medals) study of the coins, the archives of the period were also studied and as a result of the joint project made with TÜBA in 2010, “The Beçin Treasure” was published in German by the Austrian Academy of Sciences was also published by TÜBA in Turkish as 2 volumes of books and an index CD consisting of catalogue information. Acar stated that, Suzan Tammer and Atılım University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Şule Pfeiiffer-Taş, who also edited the work, translated the book from German to Turkish, and he thanked the local and foreign editors who had contributed to the preparation of the book, and to the other authors who had contributed to the book with their articles.

“The Book is a milestone for the Ottoman history”
Acar emphasized the significance of “The Beçin Treasure” book regarding the Ottoman coin and money history and he stated; “Most of the Beçin Treasure found in Milas Beçin Castle excavations performed under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Rahmi Hüseyin Ünal consists of 48 thousand 848 Ottoman and 848 European coins belonging to the second half of the 16th Century and the beginning of the 17th century, particularly to the periods of Murad III, Mehmed III and Ahmed I. It is the greatest coin treasure found in scientific archaeological excavations in Turkey, and also it is the biggest Ottoman treasure in the world.

Acar underlined the fact the work was a significant source of reference for the Ottoman numismatics and coining (metal coin issuing process in the past) researches. He added that, archaeometry investigations were made on the Ottoman and European coins within the framework of the study and the ratio of silver in coins were identified, also new information on coining techniques was obtained.

Laying emphasis on the new perspective acquired on the Ottoman monetary policy with the research, Acar said; “The Beçin Treasure book is a milestone for the Ottoman coin and money history. It is a valuable work as it shows how much the study of a fully conserved treasure found in a scientific excavation through inter-disciplinary, contemporary scientific methods could contribute to the collection of prominent results.”

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