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49th General Assembly of TÜBA is Held
Tarih: 22 HAZİRAN 2016  Okunma Sayısı: 7536

49th General Assembly of TÜBA was held at The Green Park Hotel Ankara with the participation of Faruk Özlü the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, along with TÜBA members.

Faruk Özlü, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, in his keynote speech, underlined that in order to be able to reach the economic and social goals as a country, a transformation based on information and focused on technology should be gone through. He said; “We are in the position where we have to the focus on the commercialization of the information. Our universities and scientists should produce theories, but they also should contribute in converting the theory into practice.”

Minister Faruk Özlü on the German Parliamentary acknowledging the so-called Armenian genocide: “Scientific thought is not just required for scientists. We should apply scientific thought and scientific methods for resolving every kind of problem that we face. Let’s contemplate on the claims about this so-called Armenian Genocide. I am sure that the results would be much healthier if this subject were discussed over objective scientific works of scientists instead of biased political positions. We would be in a much stronger position against these nonsense claims, if we had more scientists who could speak several languages. This example proves that how much we need skilled scientists in all areas.”

Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar: “The Scientific community should act sensibly”
Prof. Acar said that the TÜBA was founded 1993, and it was Turkey’s national academy in his opening speech. Prof. Acar mentioned that honoring and awarding function is considerably important for academies, and 373 junior scientists was awarded with Outstanding Junior Scientists Award (GEBIP). He said: “Last year was exceptional for us after TÜBA awarding programs were included within the body of the Presidency. From now on, the Award Ceremonies will be performed under the patronage of the Presidency.

Prof. Acar also stated that the Nobel Prize awarded to the TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Aziz Sancar is a source of joy for the Turkish scientific scene, all of Turkey and the Turkic world. Acar also stated that Sancar’s loyalty to the Turkish nation and state should constitute a role model.

Differences are Our Wealth
Prof. Acar said they consider differences as their wealth and said: “We have a responsibility to our country, I underline this matter quite often. But let’s all consider our differences which are reasons of many conflicts as our wealth and let’s become an example to society as chosen scientists, as long as those differences do not include those well-known matters considered to be criminal.”

After the opening speeches, the TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Teoman Duralı delivered a seminar on “Philosophy-Science-Technology,” and the President of Montenegro Academy of Science and Arts Prof. Momir Djurovic on the “Challenges We Have to Face.” Both scholars were presented with a plaque by Minister Özlü.

Prof. Kadriye Arzum Erdem is elected as a Full Member
Considering recognition of her studies at the national and international level, the impact of these studies, citations and h-values, Prof. Kadriye Arzum Erdem Gürsan who has been a TÜBA Associate Member since 2007 is nominated as a full member.

After the vote, Prof. Gürsen who genuinely contributed to Pharmacy- Analytic Chemistry, trained valuable scientists and has performed outstanding services to our countries’ academic development in administrative and educational matters is elected to be a full member.


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