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The 52nd TÜBA General Assembly was Held
Tarih: 20 ARALIK 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 827

The 52nd TÜBA General Assembly and Academy Prize Conference was held on December 16, 201 at Ankara with the participations of Minister of Science, Industry and Education Dr. Faruk Özlü and Academy members.

Dr. Özlü started the opening speech of the General Assembly by stating that he had great pleasure to be among with members of the science world. He followed his speech as follow: “Turkish Academy of Sciences represent a very valuable and important mission for our country. In all areas of science, TÜBA has a very important task, such as “making our country an active partner of the world science community”. It is very proud of us to appreciate and protect these efforts by the top of our state. The TÜBA Awards Ceremony held under the auspices of the President on December 12 was very meaningful because it shows respect of our state for science and scientists. I congratulate once again the scientists who are worthy of the TÜBA Awards. I also congratulate TÜBA, which encourages our scientists, gives them morale and contributes to their work.”

We must transform our country’s ability to produce scientific knowledge into economic and social benefits.
Dr. Özlü emphasized that science grows and evolves as long as it gets reputation and said: “In our lands and culture, science and scientists have always been appreciated. Science leaves the land that it does not see reputation and appreciation. Praise be to Allah; in geographies where we have ruled for centuries, science has always been appreciated. Our scientists and scholars is always at top place. We will continue to be with our scientists as the children of a nation that leads justice, civilization and knowledge everywhere. We take our power from science while aiming growth, development and being an advanced industrial country. We become motive with science. We put science and technology at the center of all our industrial policies. Today, gaining skills in science and technology is no longer just a state policy. Science, industry and technology only gain meaning and value through a social project, a social consensus and a social awareness. This means that we must transform our country’s ability to produce scientific knowledge into economic and social benefits. We have to re-update and revise our politics in a wide range of fields from agriculture to health, from education to environment, from energy to transportation, according to the reality of Industry 4.0 and the needs of the Turkish Industrial Revolution. This can only be possible with a vision that all concerned parties have agreed upon. Because, Turkey needs a scientific and technological breakthrough and an Industrial Revolution. Every national goal requires a national stance. We can only walk this goal with a collective spirit and faith. I would like to underline a topic that I think is important: I want to be in a call to TÜBA members, social scientists, sociology departments of our universities, psychologists, engineers and philosophers. The effect, change and transformation that the 4th Industrial Revolution, on the agenda today as a widespread discussed concept throughout the world, will create in the social life must be examined. Every industrial transformation will naturally change and transform society, business life, emerging professions, social fabric, and even families. We have to be prepared for that and we have to make the social transformation as smooth as possible. Turkey now needs to develop an appropriate terminology instead of Industry 4.0. We try to integrate the ready-made terms and concepts to the society and often we are not successful. The conferences, panels and summits you will organize in this frame will be supported by our ministry and our government. I would like to be informed that we, together with relevant ministries and institutions, will provide unrequited support to academic studies and publications in the fields of new industry and new societies. By this means, I invite you, the respectable TÜBA Members, to lead Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 researches, and to support scientific studies on these subjects. Scientific production and bureaucracy are two concepts that should not be mentioned together in fact. Therefore, we have to pass a new structure and a new understanding that brings down the bureaucracy at the least regarding the adaptation of Turkeys to new technologies. For example, the Production Reform Package, became a law on July 1, 2017, is a package that opens the front of the industrialist, encourages the enterprise, and removes many bureaucratic mechanisms. Why do not we put a Scientific Manufacturing Reform Package next to this package that encourages the industry? Why do not we reconstruct the principles of science and scientific production according to the needs of the technology age and Industry 4.0? Why do not we rewrite the rules of scientific production in our country while the rules of industry and technology are being rewritten in the world? We have to answer all these questions in a straightforward way.

Saying that the issues of law and building are on the agenda, Dr. Özlü stated that we will solve the building issue as soon as possible. He continued as: “I believe that if we work together with TÜBA, we will take the draft of the law together. We need the contribution of TÜBA to the ministry and the government on three issues. The first one is the STEM issue, science, technology engineering and mathematics education. We ask the TÜBA members to create a working group on the issue and present a report to us. In this regard, we need a solid report. We need to clarify your questions “What is STEM? Where is the place of Turkey in STEM? What should we do? As the second issue, we need to evaluate the effects of the 4th Industrial Revolution on social transformation, and sociological reflection. It may be appropriate to create a working group in this sense. The third issue has a title as “a study on the roles, job descriptions, functioning and studies of science academies in the world.” Reports of the work to be carried out under these headings can be submitted to the Council of Ministers. After, I am convinced that the TÜBA law can be passed easily.”

“Turkey has no choice but succeeding the innovation for development and making its claims real.”
Starting his speech with giving information about programs and projects of Academy, Prof. Acar stood on the building need of the Academy and thanked him for his interest in the subject. Prof. Acar also stated that TÜBA’s work on legislation is continuing, and underlined that he believes that the work will result in the contributions of the Ministry.

Speaking at the details of the International Academy, GEBİP and TESEP Awards, Prof. Acar said that the finicalness that has always been shown in the evaluation phase of the awards will continue after that. Saying that 12 works will be published in the next days as part of the academy’s Project on Turkish-Islamic Scientific and Cultural Heritage, Prof. Acar continued his speech: “The Engineering Terms Dictionary, which contains more than 37,000 terms from 22 areas, will be published soon. We published the first four volumes of Andreas Tietze’s ‘Etymological Turkey Turkish Dictionary’. We lost Prof. Semih Tezcan who was the executive of this work. Again, on the 6th of September this year we lost Prof. Şerif Mardin, Prof. Bahattin Baysal and after Prof. Hüseyin Leblebici. We commemorate them with mercy, once again we would like to express our condolences to their families.

Stating that Turkey has no choice but succeeding the innovation for development and making its claims real, Prof. Acar said: “We must steadily improve our achievements in education, science, R & D and, as a result, innovation. In this respect, I believe that education at every level should be dealt with effectively, with a planned and strategic approach. Especially, I think that we have some problems on the works about exam systems, curriculum and R & D centers, and the cooperation and communication of the relevant institutions that make these works. Planned changes will reduce the possible negative effects and positive outcomes will also increase. There are also some disadvantages of TÜBA about being not an executive organization. As in the world, in Turkey the academy of sciences is an important institution, it gives us some duties and responsibilities for the development of the TÜBA. We, as the council board representing our esteemed members, try to serve the national goals and interests of Turkey by contributions of our members under the scientific and ethical principles.

Academy Prize Conference from 2017 TÜBA Prize Laureate Prof. Arslan
The Academy Prize Conference on “Wireless Communication Systems: Past, Present and Future” by 2017 TÜBA International Prize Laureate in the field of Basic and Engineering Sciences Prof. Hüseyin Arslan was enthusiastically followed by Academy members.
Giving Membership Certificate to TÜBA New Members and Memorial Speeches
Dr. Özlü gave the membership certificate of members who elected at the 51st General Assembly in June 2017 and attended this general assembly, Prof. Gülfettin Çelik, Prof. İbrahim Hatiboğlu, Prof. Mesut Güner, Prof. Feza Korkusuz, Prof. Mustafa S. Kaçalin, Prof. Naci Gündoğan and Prof. Özcan Erel.

TÜBA Associate Member Prof. Halit Keskin delivered a memorial speech for TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Hüseyin Leblebici, TÜBA Honorary Member Namık Kemal Aras delivered a memorial speech for TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Bahattin Baysal, and TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Metin Heper delivered a memorial speech for TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Şerif Mardin.

The General Assembly continued to be closed to the press.


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