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Applications for the 2018 TÜBA-GEBİP and TÜBA-TESEP Awards Have Started
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The 2018 applications for the TÜBA Outstanding Young Scientist Award (GEBİP) and Best Scientific Authored Book Award (TESEP) have started. The applications will continue until January 8, 2018.

over 400 young scientists who stand out with their outstanding scientific studies have been awarded within the scope of GEBİP since 2001, and near 200 authored books or translation books in the Turkish language which are scientific and for universities have been awarded within the scope of TEÇEP since 2008. The program named as Awards for Best Books Authored and Translated (TEÇEP) has been changed to TESEP in 2017, at which only scientific authored books will be awarded from this year.

TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar stated that: “The promotion of successful scientists and qualified scientific works is one of the most important aims and functions of TÜBA. We conduct TÜBA International Academy Prize, TÜBA-GEBİP and TÜBA-TESEP programs for this aim. The programs, of that prize ceremonies have been held under the auspices of T.R. Presidency since 2015, have a special and prestigious place in the science world. TÜBA-GEBİP that aims to reward and promoting the outstanding young scientists and TÜBA-TESEP that aims to encourage the production of qualified Turkish scientific works are two of the most respected awards in our country. The TÜBA Awards, given at the end of an objective and meticulous evaluation process according to the scientific merit, show a supporting and enhancing effect on the Turkish scientific studies and Turkish publications. The achievements and awards of TÜBA Awards Winners at national and international level show the success of the programs and make us all happy. I would like to point out that the increase in applications for awards and the supports and incentives of university administrators will contribute to the increase in the effectiveness and usefulness of the awards. I would like to thank scientific community for their interest and support to awards.”

Increasing the age limit for applications for the scientists who have become mother, and TÜBA-TESEP Halil İnalcık Special Award
Stating that TÜBA has continued to develop their award programs, and they decided to raise the age limit of applicants for each birth by one year for female scientists, who have become mother, Prof. Dr. Acar said about TÜBA-TESEP Halil İnalcık Special Award that: “We have decided to give TÜBA-TESEP Halil İnalcık Special Award in the field of “social sciences” within the context of TÜBA-TESEP with the name of TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Dr. Halil İnalcık, whom we lost last year. We believe that this award carries special value in respect of both the memory of the deceased and the encouragement of our scientists.”

The GEBİP Award Winners are paid 20.000 TL for each year for three years. Also, the active GEBİP winner is supported up to 6.000 TL for doctoral students for using in the thesis phase and up to 4.500 TL for the national and international scientific meetings for three years. For the next five years after the first three years, TL for $1.500 for Europe countries and TL for $2.000 for non-European countries are given as support for participating scientific conferences and events. 20.000 TL as a monetary award for authored books and 7.000 TL as an honorable mention award are provided within the scope of TESEP.

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