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“Solar Energy Technologies Workshop and Panel” Was Held
Tarih: 12 TEMMUZ 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 2942

“Solar Energy Technologies Workshop and Panel” organized by TÜBA-Energy Working Group was held in Middle East Technical University (METU) on July 7, 2017.

TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar: “Turkey has to use its solar energy potential.”
Stating that more than 90% of Turkey's energy needs are provided from external sources, Prof. Acar said that Turkey has the potential to benefit from daylight for an average of 7.5 hours a day and has to use this potential. Prof. Acar continued his words as follows: “We have not been able to go far enough on this subject until now. With minimum operating costs and environmentally friendly technology, it is possible to meet our energy needs through solar energy technologies if the investment costs are not added to the account. In this respect, the workshop will shed light on policy makers and practitioners and contribute to improving our performance.

Prof. Acar also gave information that the TÜBA is ready to provide support for the issue of having a lack of course books in the field of energy at the undergraduate and graduate level in Turkey.

METÜ Vice Rector Prof. Mehmet Zeyrek: “It is very important that the energy politics, as well as the technology, are discussed at the workshop.”
Saying that there is a story of the solar energy studies dating back to the 1980s in METU, Prof. Zeyrek underlined that the issue has been in the METU agenda for 35 years. He also said that: “It is the honor for us that TÜBA-Energy Working Group's first work, "Solar Energy Technologies Workshop and Panel", was held in ODTÜ. It is very important that the energy politics, as well as the technology, are discussed”.

Stating that as METU, they have a very important center named GÜNAM for 10 years, Prof. Mehmet Zeyrek emphasized that GÜNAM provides technological opportunities during the productivity era and GÜNAM is not only doing R & D but is now working to capture the most important technologies in photovoltaics. Prof. Zeyrek gave the information about that METU Cyprus Campus has been operating photovoltaic technology power plant for the last one and a half years and it is meeting 20% energy of the campus and he said that they are planning to do the same in Ankara.

TÜBA-Energy Working Group Executive Prof. İbrahim Dinçer: “The responsibility of TÜBA is enormous to provide necessary contributions to science and technology and to create solution politics that can be useful for our country.”
Underlining that one of the most important problems of Turkey is energy, Prof. Dinçer said that as TÜBA-Energy Working Group, one of the most important motivations about the organized workshops is to solve problems about the issue. He continued his speech as follow: “One of the items that constitute Turkey's biggest current deficit is energy. Our import is 307.4 billion dollars, and about 70 billion dollars of this is energy and energy items. There are also incredibly rapid changes in energy science and technologies. The responsibility of TÜBA is enormous to provide necessary contributions to both science and technology and to create solution politics that can be useful for our country. In this context, the Academy organized a "Solar Energy Technologies Workshop and Panel" to create information platforms that could meet Turkey's needs. So, we are aware of our responsibility. We thank TÜBA President for his supports. We will prepare our reports on the results of this and our future works and contribute to energy policies with our other publications.”

After their conversation, Prof. Acar presented a plaque to TÜBA-Energy Working Group Member Prof. Raşit Turan for his efforts.

Two sessions and two panels were watched with interest by the participants. The sessions and panels in which scientists from universities and managers from ministries, various companies and associations were involved, ended with a workshop summary and evaluation after the questions. At the end of the program, a technical trip to GÜNAM was organized for all participants.


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