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Rising Talent Award to TÜBA Associate Member Assoc. Prof. Demirköz
Tarih: 27 MART 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 3863

TÜBA Associate Member and Middle East Technical University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Physics Faculty Member Assoc. Prof. Melahat Bilge Demirköz was deemed worthy for “Rising Talents Award” under the program of “For Women in Science” jointly organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and L'Oreal this year.

Demirköz who entitled to receive the "Rising Talents Award" given to 15 young scientists every year for her studies on space radiation took the prize from the President of L'ORÉAL Foundation Isabel Marey Semper on March 23 in the ceremony held in Paris, the capital city of France.

Demirköz said that she was happy to be awarded for her works by a jury that consists important names from both UNESCO and L'Oréal. Demirköz said: “I am a person trying to attract young people into science through all the work I do on the scientific platform. This award has not only made me happy, but it also has a very different meaning. This award and its announcement are very important for giving the love of science to the youth. With this great motivation, I will continue to work for my country and the youth of my country and continue to be an example for youth.

The project is defined as the search and resilience of the original materials and electronic components developed in Turkey under the effects of total dose effect (TID) radiation tests for space. Assoc. Prof. Bilge Demirköz's studies will enable us to accumulate knowledge about the radiation effects of satellite technologies. With these studies, experienced scientists ready to work in the space sector will be trained.

Who is Assoc. Prof. Melahat Bilge Demirköz?
Assoc. Prof. Melahat Bilge Demirköz graduated from Istanbul American Robert College in 1997. She completed her undergraduate studies at the Department of Physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and at the Department of Music and Mathematics at the same time in 2001. She also finished her master's degree at MIT in 2004. Assoc. Prof. Demirköz, did her PhD from Physics at Oxford University, continued his research at Cern, Switzerland until 2009 after finished her PhD in 2007. In 2009, she worked as a visiting scholar at Cambridge University for 6 months. Between 2010 and 2011 she conducted her post-doctoral research at the Instituto de Fisica d'Altes Energies (IFAE).

She served as a consultant for TÜBİTAK Space Institute in 2013-2014 and Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources in 2014-2015. She has been a member of Board of Directors of Board of Directors of ODTÜ Community and Science Center since 2015, TÜBİTAK Science Committee since 2013, CERN ACCU Users Advisory Board and arts@CERN: CERN Art Program Board of Directors since 2014. Demirköz will serve as the consultant at ROKETSAN until 2018. Demirköz has 1 post-doc researcher, 3 PhD and 2 MSc students, 2 technicians, 2 engineers, 6 undergraduate students.

Astro-particle physicist Assoc. Prof. Melahat Bilge Demiköz continues her works on “ATLAS Experiment” and searches for dark matter at CERN, “AMS-02 Experiment”, positron ratio measurement and dark matter search at International Space Station, the measurement of the amount of radiation in the low earth orbit with AMS-02, "total dose effect for space industry" radiation tests, laboratory setup to investigate the "Single Event Effects" of the radiation dose in space for the first time in Turkey, improving the radiation resistance of semiconducting materials. Demirköz, who conducts 5 projects in total, has 307 publications, 12,583 references and 48 h-index. Assoc. Prof. Demirköz was one of the 5 scientists selected to carry the Olympic flame in Istanbul also has METU Development Research Foundation's METU Young Researcher Achievement Award, 2014 Turkish Physics Society Engin Arık Scientist Award, Scientific Achievement Award for 8th March World Women's Day from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) Award from Junior Council International (JCI) Turkey, 2008 Turkish Physics Society Şevket Erk Young Scientist Award, Scottish Power and PPARC Dorothy Hodgkin "Outstanding International PhD Student" Award, Orloff Award for "outstanding contributions to the physics world" at MIT Graduation.

Demirköz, who was selected as a TÜBA Associate Member in 2013, still continues to work in METU Department of Physics.


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