“TÜBA-GEBİP Yıllık Değerlendirme Toplantısı” Atatürk Üniversitesi’nde Gerçekleştirildi II. TÜBA-KAST Ortak Sempozyumu “Biyoteknoloji ve Biyoteknoloji Uygulamaları”, İstanbul’da Gerçekleştirildi Türkolog Prof. Dr. Semih Tezcan Vefat Etti TÜBA VI. Uygulamalı Bilim Eğitimi Kursu, OMÜ’de Gerçekleştirildi BEÜ Rektörü Prof. Özer, TÜBA Başkanı Prof. Acar’ı Ziyaret Etti İÜ Üniversitesi Rektörü Prof. Ak, TÜBA Başkanı Prof. Acar’ı Ziyaret Etti TÜBA Başkanı Prof. Acar, Samsun Valisi Kaymak’ı ve OMÜ Rektörü Prof. Bilgiç’i Ziyaret Etti TÜBA Şeref Üyesi Prof. Dr. Bahattin Baysal Vefat Etti TÜBA Şeref Üyesi Prof. Dr. Şerif Mardin Son Yolculuğuna Uğurlandı ALLEA 2017 Genel Kurul Toplantısı Budapeşte’de Gerçekleştirildi
“Best Experimental Research Award” to TÜBA-Stem Cell Working Group Member Prof. Ovalı
Tarih: 10 AĞUSTOS 2017  Okunma Sayısı: 239

TÜBA-Stem Cell Working Group Member Prof. Ercument Ovali was awarded the “Best Experimental Research Award” by The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for his work on “Artificial Skin Production from Blood and Stem Cells”.

A new era begins in the treatment of burns, thanks to “Artificial Skin”, also known as “Dermoplastic”, which is produced from blood and stem cells by the long-time work of Expert in Hematology Science and Acıbadem Labcell Cell Laboratory Director Prof. Ercüment Ovalı, known for his studies in the field of stem cell and cellular therapy, and his team.

Emphasizing that they aim to present the product, which is proud of Turkey, to the service of patients in the name of DermoTürk in a short time, Prof. Ovalı said the two features of the work. He continued his words as follows: “The first is the use of human blood as a carrier scaffold, and the second is the organization of fat stem cells and skin cells together. The result of this study showed us that such a strong union; the structure, consist with carrier scaffold, fat stem cells and skin cells, is extremely effective in wound healing on mice. This is a product that its clinic is a quick testable. So, human tests have already begun. The first practice will begin in the next month on a small group of people within a study. A small area will be tested in burn patients. If the results are similar to the results of mice, it can provide a very important solution for patients, especially in burns or large skin lesions.”

Professor Oval and accompanying Turkish scientists will receive their awards at the awards ceremony that will be held in Orlando on October 8th.

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