Call For Nominations: TÜBA Academy Prizes 2016 Nominations for TÜBA Academy Prizes 2016 are now open.
The Scientists Awarded with Participation Grant for TÜBA 3rd International Stem Cell Course are Announced The domestic and international scientists awarded with TÜBA and TIKA (Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency) grant for participation to the 3rd International Stem Cell Course to be organized in Spice Hotel, Antalya on May 19-22 by the Turkish Academy of Sciences: “Innovative Cell Therapies in Hematologic-Oncology” are announced.
Joint Statements of G-Science Academies 2016 Released The President of TÜBA, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevat Acar, handed over the Joint Statements of G-Science Academies 2016 on “brain science, disaster resilience, and future scientists” which were signed by TÜBA in the G-Scienece Academies Meeting 2016 to the Science, Industry and Technology Minister Fikri Işık.
“The Workshop on Economic Welfare through Research and Development on Natural Products” takes place in Nepal The International workshop titled “The Workshop on Economic Welfare through Research and Development on Natural Products”, organized through the cooperation of The Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia-AASSA and Nepal Academy of Science and Technology-NAST, and the support of Global Network of Science Academies-IAP in Nepal on March 29-31 was attended by...
Gold Medals are Presented to TÜBA Honorary Members Prof. Aziz Sancar and Prof. Kemal Karpat by the UTA During the award ceremony organized at the United Nations Headquarters in New York on March 28 by the International Turkish Academy (UTA), TÜBA Honorary Member and Nobel Prize Recipient Prof. Aziz Sancar, TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Kemal Karpat and Edward Allworth were presented with gold medals.
The International Workshop Organized by TÜBA-GEBİP Award Recipients The international workshop entitled “Muslims, Anti-Muslims and Anti-Immigration Attitudes and the EU” organized by 2014 TÜBA GEBİP Award recipients Political Science and International Relations Department Teaching Staff Member Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem Kentmen-Çin and TOBB University Teaching Staff Member Assoc. Prof. Cengiz Erişen was held on March 11, 2016 at the Izmir Economy University.
The 2016 IAP General Assembly and International Conference Took Place in South Africa TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar and Vice President Prof. Ahmet Nuri Yurdusev participated in the 2016 General Assembly and international conference entitled “Science Advice” of the Inter Academies Partnership (IAP), to which TÜBA is a member, on February 28 – March 2, 2016 in Hermanus, South Africa.
A Cooperation Agreement Signed between TÜBA and SNAS The bilateral cooperation agreement and application protocol between TÜBA and the Sudanese National Academy of Sciences-SNAS was signed on March 2, 2016.
The TÜBA Science Formation Program “III. Applied Science Course” Takes Place In the scope of the protocol signed between TÜBA and the Ministry of National Education (MNE) and the TÜBA Science Formation Program, the “III. Applied Science Course” directed at basic sciences teachers for the purpose of contributing to inquiry based learning and basic science education, took place at Akdeniz University on February 22-26.
A Final Farewell to TÜBA Honorary Member Prof. Dr. György Hazai The funeral services for famous Hungarian Turcologist Prof. Gyorgy Hazai took place with the attendance of TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar and many scientists from various countries on February 26 in Budapest, the capital of Hungary.
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Diary Magazine
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