The 2016 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Awards Ceremony

The 2016 Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Awards Ceremony

The Presidential Culture and Arts Grand Awards found their owners in the ceremony held on 28th December in the Presidential Complex.

President Erdoğan presented their awards to Şener Şen in the field of cinema; Murat Kutlu on behalf of his father Mustafa Kutlu in the field of literature; Prof. Erol Parlak in the field of music; Prof. Hakan Kırımlı on behalf of Prof. Kemal Karpat in the field of social sciences and history; Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Hüseyin Yayman on behalf of Feridun Özgören in the field of traditional arts; and Prof. Ahmet Güner Sayar on behalf of his university teacher Dist. Prof. Süheyl Ünver, who was granted the Culture and Arts Loyalty Award. After short introductory films were displayed about the awardees, the recipients also shared their feelings and thoughts.

The award-winning artists and scientists, ministers and representatives of the culture-art world, invited people, members of the press and TÜBA President Prof. Ahmet Cevat Acar also attended the ceremony.

President Erdoğan said: “In fact, it is impossible for a country that fails to develop in culture and arts to be truly independent or to maintain its independence. We have to accept that we, as the country, have fallen short of duly grasping this fact. We have yet to go a long way not only to raise new values but also to promote our currently available values on a global scale and to introduce them to large masses. Acting on the saying ‘Achievement is subject to compliment,’ we are giving these awards without any obsession, just for the purpose of honoring and encouraging the men and women of culture, arts, and science.”

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