President of Academy
Tarih: 04 KASIM 2013  Okunma Sayısı: 16273

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Cevat ACAR was born in Kastamonu-Taşköprü in 1960. He graduated from Atatürk University (Erzurum), Faculty of Business Administration in 1980. Completed his master’s degree at İstanbul University (IU), Faculty of Business Administration "Personnel Management and Industrial Relations" department, he commenced his PhD in “Business and Personnel Management-Organization” department at IU Social Science Institute. He became Assistants Professor at IU Faculty of Business Administration, department of Human Resource Management in 1994, associate professor in 1998 and professor in 2007.

He carried out studies focusing on education, research, consulting, publication and project in the fields of Human Resources Management, Management and Organization and Organizational Behavior.

Besides academic studies, Prof. Acar undertook the administrative tasks such as committee and board memberships/chairmanships, and he was a member of the Board/Management Board of the Faculty,  Business Administration and Economic İnstitute Deputy Director and Board Member, education coordinator, member of the Strategic Planning Committee, member of the Career Center,  head of Post Graduate Program, Advisory Committee Member of Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Occupational Health and Safety Strategy Committee and vice-rector of Istanbul University (2010-2012).

Since August 2012, Prof. Dr. Acar holds TUBA presidency and he is member of CASGEM Advisory Board, Ministry of Labor and Social Security, Occupational Health and Safety Strategy Committee Advisory Board and associate member of Public Arbitration Board. Prof. Acar is married and has two children.


06690 Çankaya - ANKARA
(312) 442 29 03 (pbx)
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