General Assembly
Tarih: 01 KASIM 2013  Okunma Sayısı: 15094

Article 7- (Amended sentence: 22/8/2011 – Decree-Law-651/article 33)  
The Principal and Associate members and Honorary members constitute the General Assembly. The location and agenda of the meetings are determined and announced by the Academy Council. The quorum for the General Assembly is the absolute majority of the members. Duties of the General Assembly  

Article 8- The duties of the General Assembly are the following:  
a) To negotiate and approve the annual report, balance sheet and budget proposal in addition to the main documents concerning science policies to be adopted by the Academy Council,

b) (Amendment: 22/8/2011 – Decree-Law – 651/ article 34)

To decide on the memberships proposed by the principal members

c) To elect on a majority basis new members in place of Academy Council members whose terms have ended

d) (Amendment: 22/8/2011 – Decree-Law – 651/ article 34)

To decide on the proposals of the Academy Council on the establishment or abolition of institutes in

the field of basic sciences.

e) (Amendment: 22/8/2011 – Decree-Law – 651/ article 34)

To determine the candidates proposed for the TÜBİTAK Science Board.

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